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Thank you for visiting Our purpose is to introduce and present information which will help you with your Federal and State Income Tax Returns. Whether you are preparing your return(s) yourself - please see our "Do-It-Yourself" page - or are surfing for hints and suggestions we hope you will gain insight into saving some of your money. For our past and future customers please use our site as a checklist for information to bring in during your appointment.

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The fee to e-file form 1040EZ is $9.95, and for 1040A is $14.95


Number of people who do their own taxes (with or without software) and think they have done them correct, when in fact they have done them wrong.



If you plan on preparing your return(s) by yourself, please click on the "Do-It-Yourself" and "Resources" pages for additional information. Check out our FREE review of your self-prepared return(s).


Saving for that "retirement carrot" seems to get easier and easier.  Congress wants you to really invest for your retirement.  Could it be they know something about Social Security they don't want to discuss?  Do you think you will get the carrot?

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Mistakes are embedded in habits. Procrastination makes them harder yet to find.


Fox Tax is an IRS
authorized provider
for all your
electronic filing.




2001 TAX CUT

Educational Savings up to $$2,000

Sch B Threshold up to $1,500

College Tuition up to $3,000

Business Mileage down to 36cents

IRA deduction up to $3,000

Adoption expenses up to $10,000

New 10% tax rate

EIC max up to $4,140

Teachers expsnese $250 off income

Student Interest - No 60 month limit

Weight-Loss deductable under medical

Give up to $11,000 as gift

Less paper work for business under $250,000

$150 fee for Offer-In-Compromise


Did you know that according to a
GAO report, people who do their
taxes overpay an average of $610.

In 1913 - the first year of the US
Income Tax - a single individual
got to deduct a personal exemption
of $3,000. For the 2000 tax year,
a single exemption was $2,650.

Well now. If the tax of 1% in 1913
rose to 15% in 2000, and you throw
in a little inflation, the amount
of a personal exemption should be


So much for adjusting for inflation.
Also, in 1913 you did not have to file unless
you made $4,000.  Adjusted for inflation,
you would not have to file today unless you
made $69,000.

Let Fox Tax Help You Receive....
YOUR Largest Possible Refund

Remember, the only thing better
than you doing your own
taxes, is to have Fox Tax
prepare your return(s).

In 1963 the tax rate on over
$200,000 was $156,820 plus
91% of that amount over

Our forefathers revolted against
taxation "Without Representation".
Think what they would do if they
time traveled to the present and
saw what taxation was like
"With Representation".

You may NOT pay income
taxes by using pennies.
It is against the law.

The IRS does not make laws regarding taxes,
penalities, collections, etc.  Their BOSS,
the US congress makes the laws, and
the IRS enforces them.


Keep your "cool" when doing taxes.