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Go Ahead, Give It A Try!

Here is a game which a lot of "older" people will remember.  It requires and developes logic,
memory, concentration, patience, and a lot of other "thinking stuff".  Relax, there is no violence.
How To Play
Click on the picture you wish to move and arrange all the pictures to make a big picture. 
If to easy, then...
Click on the Skill level (it is set at 4x4) and change to 8x8, or 12x12 if you are smart.
If to hard, then...
Click the "on" next to Hints.
If STILL to hard, then...
Click the "on" next to Hints, and change the settings to 3x3.
You might want to stay out of competion at this level.


Notice to all parents and "older" people.  If you challenge a 9 year and use the same settings...


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Special thanks to Dave of for the puzzle, which won national honors.
Dave's parents are Pastor and Asst. Pastor for a Lutheran church in Springfield, IL.

New Hope Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. 
We thank you for your interest, prayers, and support.  May God bless you and keep you!