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January 2003


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January 2003


Concordia Gospel Ministry                                            January 2003

Bangkok, Thailand


Volunteer Missionary Newsletter 

I pray that this newsletter finds you doing well and enjoying Gods richest blessings in your life and ministry.  With a busy and very wonderful Christmas season behind me, it is with much happiness that I share some of the exciting things that have been going on here at the mission.     

We wrapped up the Christmas season here with a great party for all of our students here at the teaching center.  While we were prepared for 40 students, we were not expecting to have nearly that many.  How easily I forget that all things are possible with God!  We had well over 40 students attend the party, thereby making it a huge successcomplete with a gift exchange, cookie decorating, lots of songs, and a rather humorous reenactment of the Christmas story (lets just say the costumes were make-shift and I played a pretty good Ceasar Augustus J).  So there was more than enough fun, food, and festivities for everyone. 

The highlight of the party for me was the final Christmas carol.  We turned the lights off, lit some candles, and sang Silent Night.  This has always been a favorite Christmas carol for me, especially when sung by candlelight.  And I will never forget this particular performance.  We had our 40+ studentsmany of whom had just heard the Christmas story for the first time in their livesalong with Jo and Ar (our Thai staff) and other missionaries and their families, all singing in unison (in both Thai and English).  It was a truly wonderful time of worship and such a connection with our Lord and Savior. 

So I praise and thank God for this wonderful opportunity of fellowship!  And I thank all of you for your continued prayers and support!


Everything is possible for him who believes   Mark 9:23


v     Please pray for all of the students who were able to join us at the Christmas party.  We praise God for their attendance, and pray that their hearts would be opened to the awesomeness of Gods grace and love for each of them,  In addition to this, please also pray that they would continue to enjoy the unconditional fellowship and friendship we share.


In other news, this Monday, January 13 marks the beginning of the new teaching term.  I am very excited to get back in the classroom!  Many of my classes filled up early on with old students eager to continue their studies.  In addition, we have a good group of new students who are also excited to be starting this week.  Each student is such a blessing, and I thank God for all of fun and learning and sharing to come in the next six weeks!

Please pray for all of the new and returning students God has led to study with us this coming teaching termthat they may have a positive experience learning about English and, most importantly, about the grace, love, and peace to be found in Christ.  Pray also for methat I may look to God for guidance in all that I do here in His service.

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