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February 2003


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Concordia Gospel Ministry                                            February 2003

Bangkok, Thailand


Volunteer Missionary Newsletter 

I can scarcely believe that yet another month has gone by, and it is time once again to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing here in Thailand.  It has been a very blessed past few weeks, and we have seen God working in the hearts and lives of many of our Thai friends and students here.  So we praise Him for that!

The new teaching term began in mid-January, and we were very happy to have many of our former students return to study with us again.  While enrollment numbers are not as high as they have been in the past, the quality of relationships we have with each of the students is amazing.  And so we thank God for all the people he has led here to study with us.  And we pray that we may continue to foster loving, Christian relationships with them.


This month I wanted to highlight two students that I have become particularly close withto share their stories and the testimonies of how God is working in their lives.

First I would like to introduce you to Jo.  This is Jos second term studying here at the CGM Center.  He has been very involved in everything that we have to offer, and I praise God for that!  He studies English with me four days a week, attends a Christian conversation class with Pastor Mark Schultz (career missionary here in Bangkok) once a week, and attends both of the fellowship groups we have here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He comes early and stays late, and is very friendly and outgoing.  Since he is here nearly every day, not only is he close with all of the staff, but he is also close with many of the other students.  This past term he had an opportunity to share why he enjoys studying at CGM.   His answer (which was shared by many of the other students) was that he really treasures the friends he has here.  And just last night in class, he shared some more about why he loves studying here.  He said that he likes studying with me here at the center because I am more than just a teacher, I am also his friend and he knows that I care about him very much.  He also understands why I care so much and he is excited to learn more about Gods love for him.  We just finished studying Psalm 23 in class, and when asked to give a brief summary of what he remembered and understood, Jo (without hesitation) articulated a beautiful summation of what it means for the Lord to be our shepherd.  When I was listening to this, I could see and hear God working in the life of this young man.  And so I praise and thank God for all he is has done and continues to do for Jo.


v     Please pray ceaselessly for Jo.  That the Lord would continue to work in his life.  And that he would continue to learn what it means to be truly and unconditionally loved and redeemed by God.


I also wanted to introduce you to Poo this month.  You may remember her from a photo which was included in the January 2003 newsletter.  (Ive also included it this month so you have a face to put with the name.)  This is her second term studying with us, and she studies with me three days a week.  She also regularly attends the Tuesday night fellowship group.  Poo is a wonderful English student, in addition to being a wonderful person and friend.  This past week she shared that, although she has only studied a few months with us, her English listening has noticeably improved.  While talking with a foreign, English-speaking accountant at work, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she could understand much of the conversation.  In the past, this was most definitely not the case.  But even more exciting that her improved English skills, is the fact that she is very far along on her walk of faith. Another heartwarming moment came when she shared that she is nearly Christian and is very glad to have found CGM and her new friends here.  So all praise and glory to God for leading her here to continue on her walk! 

v     Please also pray ceaselessly for Poo.  That God would continue to lead her on her walk of faith.  That she would continue to grow in her faith. 

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