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March 2003


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Concordia Gospel Ministry                                            March 2003

Bangkok, Thailand


Volunteer Missionary Newsletter 

This newsletter comes bearing much good newspraise God!  I wanted to start with updates on Jo and Poo, who were featured in last months newsletter.  The new term began this last Monday (March 10), and both continue to study several days a week with myself and Pastor Mark Schultz.  They are both also attending our fellowship groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


v     I thank you for all of your prayers for Jo and Poo.  Please continue to pray ceaselessly for themthat they would continue on their paths of faith.  Pray also that all of the staff here, along with myself, would be an effective witness to Jo, Poo, and all of the other students.  May the light of God continue to shine ever so brightly here in the darkness.


I also wanted to add another name and face to the prayer chain.  This month I want to introduce you to Oh.  Oh has been studying here at CGM for many terms.  Because of her busy work schedule, she is only able to study on Saturdays.  Oh is very unassuming and soft-spoken, and always a quiet presence in the classroom.  I had been concerned for her as she shared that she does not have any close friends and often feels lonely.  My heart was filled with joy this past term when I read her writing homework.  She started explaining that when she was not busy at work, she used to feel so lonely.  But she is much happier now because she has so many good friends at CGM.  And she looks forward to her Saturday English class all week.  Little did I realize that my taking the few minutes every Saturday to chat with her and make it a point to include her in talking with other students would make such an impression.  Not only does she look forward to studying with me, but also spending time with her new friends and fellow students here. 


v     Please pray for Oh.  I thank God that He led her here to receive the peace and happiness she was seeking.  I also pray that I would never again underestimate the importance that just a few minutes of quality time can make in the life of someone who is hurting.  May God continue to strengthen my relationship with Oh, that she may someday come to understand and know the source of true peace.


As I mentioned earlier, this past Monday marked the beginning of a new term here at CGM.  I thank you all for your ceaseless prayers and support as this term saw a marked increase in new students, as well as high numbers of returning students.  Our total for this term in nearly 90 students, with 40 of them being new.  This nice rise in enrollment means that classes are also bigger, which makes for much more lively conversation and games! 

v     I thank God for each soul that He has led to study with us this term.  Please pray for each of them.  Please pray also that I may be an effective witness to His everlasting love and forgiveness and grace. 


This month, I have included updated photos of some of the friends we are praying for. These are the faces of friends that I love very much.  Please never forget that behind each smiling face is a precious soul that God loves very much too.  Their need for prayer is most urgent, as they are among the lost.  Please pray for them.





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