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I am beginning my fourth week of teaching and classes are going very well.
I also coordinate a Singing & Music Club, and conduct one Christian
conversation. The Christian conversations are voluntary and students sign
up if they are interested in learning more about Christianity. I am also
starting to get to know many of my students and building some great
relationships. This week I wanted to introduce you to Aue (pronounced
oo-aah). She is a devout Buddhist, as is her entire family. About two
weeks ago, she stayed after class to ask questions about the Bible lesson
and forgiveness, which is a very foreign concept for her. Since this time,
she continues to ask questions and shows some interest in learning more
about Christianity. Please remember her in your prayers as she continues to
learn and grow. As for me, I am doing very well. The adjustment to life in
a very different setting has gone quite smoothly. I have also been meeting
with a tutor to work on my Thai. It is going great and I am feeling much
more independent and functional. Thank you for all of your prayers and

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