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September 2002

Monday September 16, 2002

Concordia Gospel Ministry                                            September 2002

Bangkok, Thailand


Volunteer Missionary Newsletter 


It is with much praise and thanksgiving that I compose this, my first newsletter from Thailand.  I have been in Bangkok since August 3 and have kept quite busy getting re-acclimated to life here in Thailand.  It has been a wonderful kind of busy though, as I continue to feel that God has called me home here to proclaim the Good News to the Thai people. 


May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.  Psalm 67: 1-2


Given my previous year of service here and my long-term commitment this time around (I anticipate being here around five years), I have found that I have some exciting new responsibilities.  I am now involved in some of the administrative details here at the mission, in addition to teaching English in the evenings and on Saturdays.  There are two teaching centers, one at Chaengwattana and the other at Phong Phet.  I am working closely with Ar, a member of the Thai staff, to coordinate the programming and day-to-day activities at the Chaengwattana center, which is also where I teach.  In addition, I am also involved in the orientation and support of the other volunteer teachers.


About two weeks ago, we were blessed to have three new volunteer teachers arrive.  Kristen, Susan, and Judy will be teaching English for the next year, and we are very happy to have them all here!!  Kristen works with me at the Chaengwattana center; we are also neighbors, as our apartments are both located on the third floor of the church building.  Susan and Judy are both teaching at the Phong Phet center. 


v     Please pray that God continue to be with them and guide them as they spend time sharing his Good News with their students and friends.


While September 2 is Labor Day in America, it is just another workday here in Thailand.  In fact, it marks the first day of the new teaching term!  I am excited to get to work, see many old students, and meet many new ones!  Unfortunately, due to a lack of teachers during the summer months, the Chaengwattana center has been closed since June.  So this upcoming term has seen attendance much lower than usual. 


v     Please pray that God would lead old students and friends back, and that He would continue to lead new students to share in the gifts we have for them herethe gift of English, but most importantly, the gift of eternal life to be found in Jesus.


I have also been very blessed in picking up where I left off with my Thai language studies.  As some of you know, while I was in New York this past year, I had opportunity to worship and work with a Thai Christian church in the city.  I am most thankful for this unique blessing, as it enabled me to keep up with my language skills, as well as remain close to Thai people.  And so, I have found that language is no longer a barrier for me now that I am back in Thailand.  And I praise God for this!!!  I am back in language school full time in the mornings (8am-noon) and look forward to continued growth in this area. 


v     Please pray that God would continue to bless me with an understanding and appreciation of the Thai language.


v     And finally, I simply ask that you continue to pray for me that I may be a light in the darkness here.  May I continue to look to God for guidance in all that I do, as I share the saving message to be found in our savior, Jesus.


For the word of God is living and active.  Hebrews 4: 12





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