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  Caution !!!   
The only way to receive a refund is through the IRS.  Pay stub or advance money received are usually loans (based on your ability to receive a refund) with interest rates up to 750% plus in many cases additional costs.  E-Filing through the IRS usually takes 10 to 14 days to your bank account, and less for the state. 
IRS E-Mail
If you receive an IRS (looking) e-mail don't GIVE ANY INFO.  It's called phishing and you should report it to (follow directions). 



Thank you for visiting Our purpose is to introduce and present information which will help you with your Federal and State Income Tax Returns.  For our past and future customers please use our site as a checklist for information to bring in during your appointment.

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Ready to send data to Fox Tax?
Ready to go to and input your information for Fox Tax to prepare your return. If you forget something or need more time, no problem, you may logout and return to as many times as you wish to finish your "work".  All transmissions to and from this site are secure.  Remember to write down your login password. was designed for military and out of state clients.  Please remember that we will need a copy of your W-2(s), 1099R(s), etc. prior to filing.  If mailing please mail only 1 copy.



Remember, anything FREE is worth saving up for.


Number of people who do their own taxes (with or without software) and think they have done them correct, when in fact they have done them wrong.  It can be, however, considered patriotic to considered to the national debt.




Saving for that "retirement carrot" seems to get easier and easier.  Congress wants you to really invest for your retirement.  Could it be they know something about Social Security they don't want to discuss?  Do you think you will get the carrot?

OUCH  !!!!
Did you know we stopped offering quick refunds around 1993?  We did so because our clients would have to pay approx. 400% to 700% interest for the service.  Today the interest rates are lower, however, there usually are large fees.  If you are paying for a quick refund ask how much interest you are paying.  By law you must be furnished this information.
Did you also know that the IRS sends your refund at the same time  regardless if it is a quick refund or not.  Why you might ask do you get it quicker?  It is actually simple.  Whoever is offering you this service is establishing a bank account in your name.  You are then given a loan.  When your refund is deposited into your new bank account the loan is paid.  All this and high interest just to receive your refund a few days quicker.  If you owe someone (landlord) money it is more economical to ask the person to wait a few days more.  You could even offer to pay them $25 or $50 and still come out ahead.

Come On Down
Appointments are not necessary for Fox Tax to prepare your return.  Just bring all your information (W-2's, 1099 Misc., 1099 R's, Interest Statements, Stock Info, Dependent Care Info, Rent Paid, Etc.) into our office and complete an information sheet.  Feel free to visit our "Info Center" at and print out the "Client Organizer" for an information sheet.  We will then call when your return(s) are completed or if additional information is required.


"A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away"  Barry Goldwater



Fox Tax is an IRS
authorized provider
for all your
electronic filing, and listed on IRS and WI websites.



In a recent year Fox Tax clients received $1,554 dollars more per filer than the average filer for the same area (per IRS data for zip code 54901).  It's not fair to take all the credit.  Those who prepared their own return(s) probably paid more than they should have which would account for some of the difference.

2008 Tax Changes

(For 2007 Tax Season)


File Online: at


NEW Delays with AMT

Form 8863 Education Credits and Form 5695 Residential Energy Credit will delay filing until IRS target date of Feb 11

Form 4136 Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels will NOT be allowed to E-File until IRS target date of March 3rd.

Biz  Mileage Rate at 48.5, Medical/Moving 20 Charity 14

  Frivolous return penalty increaded from $500 to $5,000

Child tax credit remains at $1,000

Debt Forgiveness - Exemption for foreclosures

Random IRS audits

Energy Credits $500 total available for 2006 and 2007 

Exemptions / Deductions / Contributions Up

Use Caution on Home Based Biz & Donations


Under means Under :)
To receive the child tax credit you must be under 17 at the end of the year.  If you have a dependent who turned 17 during 2007, then you will not receive the child tax credit.  You may still claim the child as a dependent and Head of Household.
What's This ?
The federal government is delinquent in paying $45,000,000 in employment taxes.  Do as they say, not as they do:)))))

Lottery Credit
Look at your tax bill
If you lived in your home your tax bill should be reduced by the lottery credit.  If not contact whoever you pay your taxes too to correct the problem and receive the lottery credit.

Uncle Sam
Got you "shook"?

Did you know that according to a
GAO report, people who do their
taxes overpay an average of $610.

In 1913 - the first year of the US
Income Tax - a single individual
got to deduct a personal exemption
of $3,000. For the 2000 tax year,
a single exemption was $2,650.

Well now. If the tax of 1% in 1913
rose to 15% in 2000, and you throw
in a little inflation, the amount
of a personal exemption should be


So much for adjusting for inflation.
Also, in 1913 you did not have to file unless
you made $4,000.  Adjusted for inflation,
you would not have to file today unless you
made $69,000.  Would you like to see how much taxes you would pay using a 1913 return adjusted for inflation?  Go to our "Resources" page, scroll down, and you will find a link.

Let Fox Tax Help You Receive....
YOUR Largest Possible Refund

Remember, the only thing better
than you doing your own
taxes, is to have Fox Tax
prepare your return(s).

In 1963 the tax rate on over
$200,000 was $156,820 plus
91% of that amount over

Our forefathers revolted against
taxation "Without Representation".
Think what they would do if they
time traveled to the present and
saw what taxation was like
"With Representation".

You may NOT pay income
taxes by using pennies.
It is against the law.

The IRS does not make laws regarding taxes,
penalities, collections, etc.  Their BOSS,
the US congress makes the laws, and
the IRS enforces them.


Keep your "cool" when doing taxes.