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Please note that our location has changed to:  606 W Murdock Ave., Oshkosh WI  54901-2220  (one block west of Jackson & Murdock at the corner of Murdock & Wisconsin - next to O'Reilly Auto Parts)

Please Note the following Dates for Filing:

Corp, Partnerships (>1): March 15th

Individual: April 15th

Non-Profit: May 15th

Foreign: June 15th

Extensions are available, and MUST be filed by above dates.
FBAR (FinCen) are due with aggregate vale of $10,000. Ask.

Rates (average)

New Federal 1040 and WI1A; $65 to $85.*
Business on 1040 $50 & up.
Rentals $50 &up.

All of above rates include E-File for Federal and State. In some instances e-filing is not allowed.
Please note that above rates may be less or more due to the complexity of forms required. 1 W-2 may require 2 or 6 forms.

$45 each for Federal & State, plus any additional forms
*Additional forms, schedules, and input  ---  $5 and up. Preparation for out of state returns is $35-$50, depending on state, plus additional for forms.
Past year returns are an additional $10 per year, and $10 for all paper returns.
Excessive entries for Sch A, number of employment forms, stock entries, etc. are additional transactions; More than one Rent Certificate; etc.
All fees are due upon completion. 
Information is released to those who signed the tax return and legal request(s) (IRS and courts with jurisdiction).

Copies and reprint fees: $15

1040 copies (page 1&2) for current year are free if picked up in our office. This is usually used for mortgage loans or student education.

Any forms through the mail or electronic means the $15 rate applies.

For Fox Tax, IRS, and WI locations please see Back Cover of the Fox Tax 2019 Calendar/Flyer, or the Fox Tax, IRS, WI Contact Info on the navigational bar.  Please note that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue office in Oshkosh is closed.  The Appleton office now serves the Oshkosh area.

Fox Tax 606 W Murdock Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901-2220

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