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Electronic Filing is the Future for Filing Tax Returns.

Generally by electronically filing (e-file) you will receive your return in
approximately 2 weeks if you have it deposited directly into your checking
or savings account. Errors and/or omissions will cause delays.
Whether you receive your maximum refund depends upon your
return being properly prepared.
The above only apply to self-prepared returns.  Self prepared returns
presented to Fox Tax for electronic filing are checked for hundreds of
errors.  Please note that while Fox Tax will check for errors, it does not
guarantee that you will receive your maximum refund.  This can only be
done when having Fox Tax prepare your return.

PLEASE NOTE: Fox Tax does not give assistance if you choose
to use the internet to electronically file your return(s).  Any
problems  must be resolved with your software or web site which
you use.  Once filed electronically, you must make any
corrections using an amendment.  Fox Tax can do an amendment. 
A copy of your original return is required.
The IRS has entered into partnership agreements with several
companies to foster electronic filing.  As a result,
several sites will electronically file your return FREE
if your gross income is under $15,000.  We suggest going
to the IRS web site, or Google, and choosing from those offered. 
If you have difficulity locating these sites, you probably should not
be doing your taxes online. 
For additional information visit our "Resources" page.

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The IRS e-file center for Wisconsin is located in Austin, Texas, with the main center being located in Andover, Maine. These are different locations than used for mailing in returns, and you can not talk with them. To check on the status of an e-filed return use the phone numbers on the "Thank You" notice we give to our customers (located at the bottom of this page), or click on the "Resources" page.
The state e-file office is located in Madison.


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What are the basics behind electronic filing ?

The best way to describe electronic filing is that instead of using the post
office to deliver you return, you are doing it over the internet.
Advantages are you know that your return is received by the IRS, you
receive a quick refund by having the IRS deposit your refund into
an account, and the software at your end and the IRS will eliminate many
common errors. Be careful not to assume that because your return was
accepted and you received a refund that this is your maximum refund.
Because the average taxpayer is not aware of all the credits and
deductions they are entitled to, they will overpay the IRS.

If I have selp-prepared my return(s) and want Fox Tax
to electronically file on my behalf, what do I bring ?

You bring in your Federal and/or Wisconsin return just like you would if
you were going to mail in your return. No postage stamp is necessary.
You should attach all W-2's and required information to your return.
Do not leave all your W-2's, tax books, or scratch paper. Returns must be
signed and dated. Return(s) can not be prepared in pencil.

If I bring my self-prepared return into Fox Tax
to electronic filing, what are the procedures ?

On an average yearly basis, 80% of returns which are self-prepared
and brought in to e-file have errors. Because of this we use the
following procedure: (1) You drop off your return and are told to
return, usually in 1 to 3 days (2) When you return you will sign
your electronic filing form 8453 for the Federal and State, and
pay the e-file fee. (3) After you sign, we submit your return
(4) If you prepared your return correctly you will receive
your refund as noted on the "Thank You" sheet you received when
signing form 8453. If your return is rejected you will receive
a notice from FoxTax stating your return was rejected and the reason(s).

Does Fox Tax check my return for errors ?

Yes, Fox Tax will check your return for math errors, and over 600
common errors. PLEASE NOTE: Although Fox Tax will check your return
for errors, this does not imply that your return has been completed
in a manner which will get you the maximum refund. We have no way
of knowing if you failed to include information which would result
in a larger refund.

How much does Fox Tax charge to e-file ?

If brought into our office, Fox Tax charges $10 for Federal, and $10 for
Wisconsin. This year you may e-file your Wisconsin Homestead, and the
fee is $10. If your return is done incorrectly Fox Tax will make the
necessary corrections and charge accordingly. You have the option of
paying for the corrections or correcting the return(s). To e-file using
our internet site, the fee is $9.95 for Federal EZ, and $14.95 for 1040A.
NEW for 2003, Fox Tax will prepare and e-file your Federal
for $10 (limit 3 W-2's).

Does Fox Tax give any advise when e-filing ?

Since we are not involved in preparing your return it is not possible to
give advise on your return. We like to describe e-filing as mailing your
return at the post office. When you give your return to the mailman you
don't ask him how to prepare your return. Their job is to deliver the
letter. Likewise, our job is to deliver your return to the IRS, via
electronically, for a fee. If you are having troubles and wish Fox Tax
to prepare your return, please feel free to make an appointment.

My return was rejected, what do I do ?

You have to review and correct what the reject code is reporting. Usually
this will be one of the top ten reasons which is listed on our
"Commom Mistakes/FAQ" page.

Can two people send their refunds to the same
account if they are not filing a joint return?

No. When your electronically filed return is received by the bank, credit
union, etc. it will have to match the SSAN on your return with that on
your account. If it matches the funds will be deposited, if there is no
match, the funds will be returned to the IRS/State and you will be mailed
a check. An account can only receive one tax refund. If you have a
joint account and are not married, only the primary holder of the account
may use it for electronically filing.

If some of my refund is taken by the IRS, can I
still file electronically ?

Yes. You will receive what your return stated less the amount owed.

I owe the Federal Government a little on my tax
return, however, I will receive a lot from my
Wisconsin return. Can I e-file for the
Wisconsin and not the Federal ?

Yes.  In the past you were only able to file your Wisconsin return if you
filed your Federal return at the same time.  For 2003, you are able
to file your Wisconsin after filing your Federal.  In addition, you can
file only your Wisconsin Homestead without filing your Federal and
Wisconsin returns.

When is the earliest I can e-file my return ?

The earliest to e-file is January 10th. It is illegal for Fox Tax to prepare
your return prior to January 10th, and then file it for you on the 10th.
Fox Tax strongley suggest that you wait a few days (3 to 5) before you
e-file. If problems exist they usually surface the first few days.

Can I e-file return(s) for past years ?

No. You may only e-file for the current tax year.

Can I e-file after April 15th ?

Yes. The IRS allows you to e-file up to October 15th for the current tax year.


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