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Did you know you are allowed to contribute toward Social Security to reach the minimum requirements.

NEVER reply to an E-mail from the IRS or STATE requesting information.  Call us if questions!  Phone calls from the IRS are usually a scam.  The IRS does not threaten over the phone or send the local police to collect fees.  Treat all verbal requests from the IRS as a scam.
Receive any IRS Notice?  Always forward a copy to our office, in that even IRS notices may be fake.  Notices involving stocks are almost always incorrect, and if you had a loss the IRS will pay you and usually with interest.  If you pay an IRS notice you will shortly receive a notice from WI.

Keep in mind identity theft is everywhere, "Don't take the bait". Report fraud to 1-(800) 366-4484.

Again in 2022, returns claiming the Earned Income Credit and Educational Credit will be help by the IRS until mid February. Returns may and should be submitted prior to mid February.

The IRS does participate using the following: You Tube; Twitter; Facebook; and Tumblr, along with the IRS website. Use for information only, never submit personal information.  The IRS never demands payment over the phone.

Business Repair Regulation
Repairs in some cases are depreciated over time.

Foreign Bank & financial Accounts
A separate e-file system to report any aggregate over $10,000. (Gambling Included!)  This includes cryptocurrench (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, & Tether)

FBAR Penalty is PER account and not per return !!!

Capital Gains/Losses/Virtual Currency (not mining) require an additional form(s) 8949.
Divorced or Separated Parents.  The noncustodial parent must obtain form 8332 from the custodial parent.  Court papers are not allowed if the decree of agreement was executed after 2008.  Prior to 2009 court papers are allowed. Remember that placement is whoever furnishes support for a dependent for more than half of the year.
Settle with the IRS?
  Offer in Compromise is the form required, and once completed only the IRS or a court can reduce your taxes.  Today's TV ads offer help if you owe $10,000 or more.  Know why it's $10,000 or more?

Click here for list of Qualified Clean Vehicles

Click here for vehicle ID number look up tool

Click here for Clean Vehicle FAQs

Insolvency: If your net debts are larger than assets you may qualify to file insolvency to avoid paying a debt that was forgiven and taxable.

Informing the IRS of a Change of Address

The IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2010-16 explaining how taxpayers must inform the IRS of a change of address. The new procedure is effective June 1, 2010. The IRS uses a taxpayer's address of record for the various notices or documents that are required to be sent to a taxpayer's "last known address." A notice or document sent to a taxpayer's last known address is legally effective even if the taxpayer never receives it.  IRS Form 8822, change of address, is available on this website under "Internet Links".  Fill in the form while at the site, print, and mail.  Keep a copy for your records.

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