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Returns with the Earned Income credit delayed until the first half of March.

Please furnish amounts of first and second stimulus received.

For Stimulus and all IRS issues click here for IRS website.

For all SBA loans click here for the SBA website.


Declaring Virtual Currency

Charitable Contributions of $300 without itemizing

Deferral of SE taxes

1040 Line 30 is to enter the amount of your two stimulus payments.

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Phone scams, e-mail scams, mail scams, etc.: They are everywhere. If you receive one do not reply and contact our office or simply hang up. The IRS does not threaten to send the police to collect taxes. If you owe the IRS you will receive notification via the mail, usually several times, and eventually certified mail. Never under any circumstance give any data or information over the phone. In short, disregard all phone calls and forward all written notices to our office.

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