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Our location is:  606 W Murdock Ave., Oshkosh WI  54901-2220  (one block west of Jackson & Murdock round-about at the corner of Murdock & Wisconsin - next to O'Reilly Auto Parts)

Please Note the following Dates for Filing:

Corp, Partnerships (>1): March 15th

Individual: April 18th

Non-Profit: May 15th

Foreign: June 15th

F-BAR (FinCen) are due with aggregate vale of $10,000. Ask.

Late filing fees apply to returns filed after April 15th, October 15th, and November 15th. IRS shuts down on approx. Nov 15th of each year for crossover, and resumes mid to late January the following year. Only 3 years are accepted by the IRS for e-filing. Beginning Jan 24, 2023, 2019 and earlier returns are paper filed.

Average Federal and WI returns: $95-$125

Average Sch C, Sch E: $85 and up depending on additional schedules. LLC and Corp vary, ask for estimate.

Amended Returns: $75 and up plus any additional forms

Out of State Returns: $75 and up. (We do not process New York)

Past Year returns: add $25 and up depending on year

Paper returns for current year: add $15

WI Homestead: $40-$45 Additional for extra rent certificates, copies of rent paid, etc. Please note that we do not prepare the rent certificate, it is done by the landlord.

Recreate tax return(s) that were not originally completed by Fox Tax: $35 and up depending on year and number of forms.

Copies: Current year-$15; Past 2 years-$20; 3 years and prior $25 and up depending on year(s)

Late filing fees Apply: After April 18th, October 15th and Nov 15th.

All of above rates include E-File for Federal and State. In some instances e-filing is not allowed, which will result in a paper return.
Please note that above rates may be higher due to the complexity of forms required. 1 W-2 may require 2 or 6 forms.

All fees are due upon completion. We accept cash or check only in office. Cards are accepted online for out of state and international clients. Returns are e-filed once payment is made. 
Information is released to those who signed the tax return and legal request(s) (IRS and courts with jurisdiction).

Any forms through the mail or electronic means the $15+ rate applies.

Fox Tax 606 W Murdock Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901-2220

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